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Protesting against Human OverPopulation: the Final Taboo
After 20 years of loyal service, this website will be dismantled. People's lack of interest and compassion about the global destruction of nature is worrying and even frightening. I hope that humanity will repent and realize how it is digging its own grave. First, nature worldwide will be destroyed by human overpopulation, then humanity will be decimated by its own thoughtlessness and negligence. Is that the future you want?

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This website will provide you with controversial e-cards: political motto's and catchphrases combined with free digital art greeting cards, which you can send to friend or enemy. Some biological themes are: Please Save Nature, Nature Protection and Stop Mass Extinction of Biodiversity. The acronym STHOPD stands for: Stop Terrible Human OverPopulation Disasters, thus anti-overpopulation. Political subjects of discussion are: Flaws in Democracy, Governmental Laws, basic human rights, and mismanagement of personnel in firms. Other topics are devices on: social values, ethical values or moral management, education and respect, corrective slap, individual responsibility. What are the consequences of the Cultural revolution: Flower Power Generation versus Lost Generation. An awkward subject is Social Parasitism: subsidy parasites, public health parasites, social security parasites. More buzzwords: genetic manipulation, cloning, and genetic abberations (human heredity). This website is Pro Abortion: we propagate the use of condoms and contraception, such as morning-after pill (Sexual revolution). This website is Pro Euthanasia (for a good quality of life and physical well-being). Subject for debate: against sickly overcultivation, and pro natural selection as a choice of the individual (human species). Our idol: Charles Darwin, with regard to Progressive evolution, Sociobiology or Superorganism (Biology, Oecology). More keywords or themes: Sexual selection, in other words: Intrinsic Eugenics (Future Evolutional Design). Context: Slogans on Environmental Activism, animal activism, online activism, Global Awareness, AntiGlobalization, Cosmopolitical Concern, Ethical Dilemmas. REHOPE: Regulate Ethically Human OverPopulation Ecology. Or is it Mental Virus Cybernetics ? Quoting Famous people, MetaReality and Practical Philosophy, genemachines, gene-mneme machine, humanimal, and other watchwords. Religious alternative: Immanent God, Transcendent God, Future God (Atheists unite). Other topics: Death Sentence, Amsterdamned. Disputable manifestations of Political art, Religious art, or Spiritual art are presented here. Here, you will find graphical expressions of: Angel Faces, Elf Fantasy Faces, Witch art, Celtic art, Gothic, or Metal. And also: Modern digital paintings, abstract images, figurative pictures, fractal art, scientific art. Other expressions of art forms: entoptic phenomena (phosphenes) and psychedelic animations regarding altered states of consciousness. Political preference: Center Green, in combination with nature journals and nature education. Environmental Activism means: save environment not for mankind, but for Nature! Who uses this site? Are they: agnostics, aggrieved atheists, avant-gardists, bitter biologists, cunning critics, cyberpunks, cyberterrorists. Or cynical scientists, disbelievers, dissidents, deviants, eco-desperados, ecological extremists, environmental activists. Also: evolutionists, freethinkers, heavy heretics, lost lyric writers, mighty movie makers, nature nourishers, negative neo-hippies, philandering philosophers. And: protest singers, raving radicals, roaring rebels, rogue elite, special song composers, serious subversives, tormented truth-seekers, vigorous video-artists. What about: subliminal seduction, away/toward motivation, superstimulus, or sense about science. You may send the following types of free i-Cards here: artistic electronic greeting cards, original e-cards for pets, sims, special animal poetry about e.g. dogs, cats, butterflies and horses, unique art cards, romantic love e-card, birthday ecard, bday e-cards, musical cards, divorce cards, animated ecard greetings, Christmas cards, Xmas card, Valentinescard, and Javascript eCards. Blog of RGES (S.Thopd).

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1. Select a political statement, environmental slogan or pet poetry for your e-card.
2. Choose a visual category: artistic image, animation, nature photo or animal picture.
3. Type your message and compose your e-card (colour, music). Select the atmosphere or weather type.
4. Preview your composition with multimedia effect (re-editable).
5. Send to a significant person (e-mail invitation with ticket number of your webcard). i

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SaveNature: th_Giraf2 FotosRGES: th_Bachlein27a_D_2006-s SaveNature: th_ChimpIQ-s
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Stop Terrible Human OverPopulation Disasters

Top Ten Countries with largest amount of inhabitants in year 2006 (in millions)
1.China: 1,311    2.India: 1,122    3.USA: 300    4.Indonesia: 225    5.Brasil: 187    6.Pakistan: 166    7.Bangladesh: 147    8.Russia: 142    9.Nigeria: 135    10.Japan: 128 million people.    Where can nature still survive?
Please leave Nature a place to live.

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