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Visual Categories
Genres: Psychedelic, Surrealism, Figurative Realism, Entoptic Primitives, Metal, Gothic, Celtic, Elf, Fantasy; pet pictures, animal images and nature photo's.
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Pets/General General photo's & graphics of pets and other animals. Show Images >>
Pets/Recovery Animals being ill, having medical treatment or in recovery. Show Images >>
Pets/Funny Funny pictures of animals, pets and humans. Show Images >>
Pets/Agony Animals in despair, pain, agony; maltreatment. Show Images >>
Entoptic Mysteries Capturing genetically determined Brain Visuals. Synesthesia. Show Images >>
Beauty Motives Primitive Motives of Human Beauty. Elf Fantasy Faces. Butterfly Magic. Cat Faces. Show Images >>
ComPoetry Digital & Graphical Poetry. Philosophical Meditation. Show Images >>
BallBearings Digital Art on brilliant Balls. Metal, Gothic, Celtic. Show Images >>
Fractal Faces Mathematical Entoptics of Facial make-up. Genetic Algorithms? Show Images >>
MetaRealism Meta-Comments on the Experience of Art and Reality. Show Images >>
Mixed Pixels Miscellaneous Graphical Adventures. Creative Craziness. Show Images >>
Psychedelic Realms Psychedelicacy: Visual Ecstasy and Emotive Cognitions. Show Images >>
Please Save Nature Stop Terrifying Human OverPopulation Disasters. Show Images >>
Acronyms Letterwords catching the essence of dwindling Reality. Show Images >>
FiD-hunting Flaws in Democracy spotted by Fidei Defensor. Mondial Economical / Ecological Politics. Show Images >>
FED Teleology Future Evolutional Design, Development or Destiny. Show Images >>
Mental Virus Cybernetics Mental Virus Cybernetics / Communication / Concept. Show Images >>
ReliSpirit ReliSpirit. Immanent God. Spirituality. Devilish Delight. Show Images >>
Logos Signs & Symbols of STHOPD and affiliated sites. Show Images >>
BioMental Cybernetics Feedback between Life & Body, and Mind & Culture. Show Images >>
Fotos RGES What is left of Real Nature? Show Images >>
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Fractalling Faces
Fractalling Faces Select this visual (full-scale)
XTC Face
XTC Face Select this visual (full-scale)
XTC Cat Select this visual (full-scale)
DoubleDragon 2
DoubleDragon 2 Select this visual (full-scale)
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Survey of titles of all available Images and Animations (choose one above)
No.Category: GraphicNo.Category: Graphic
1Entoptic Mysteries: Attractor Eye for Believers2Entoptic Mysteries: Recurring Eye
3Entoptic Mysteries: Lizy D4Entoptic Mysteries: Explosion of Faces
5Entoptic Mysteries: ComeEyeC2 Sierpensky6Entoptic Mysteries: ComEyeC2 MetalMix
7Entoptic Mysteries: Explosion of Ideas Drw8Entoptic Mysteries: ComEyeCascade SoftBalls
9Entoptic Mysteries: FraddleFly10Entoptic Mysteries: ReCatality on Paper
11Entoptic Mysteries: AttractorEye2 RotateToFro12Entoptic Mysteries: Color3Star Rotate1
13Entoptic Mysteries: ColorCycling3Star14Entoptic Mysteries: Metal Elves Skying Eye
15Entoptic Mysteries: Frozen Trail of Faces16Entoptic Mysteries: Flowering SubTrilly
17Entoptic Mysteries: ReMolecule3 Vector Extruding18Entoptic Mysteries: Antique Mosaic of Saccadic Calf
19Entoptic Mysteries: The Hart of Saccadic Sample Delirium20Entoptic Mysteries: Saccadic Attractor Patterns of the Face
21Entoptic Mysteries: Bimok logo grounded in metal ring22Entoptic Mysteries: FaceInFaceInFace Penciled
23Entoptic Mysteries: Sleeping Snow White Ice Cream24Beauty Motives: Sleeping Beauty in the Sun
25Beauty Motives: Angels or Elves hiding among Flowers26Beauty Motives: AbartTwirl2 Framed
27Beauty Motives: CatAttractor Aureola28Beauty Motives: Clouds Facing Cats 2
29Beauty Motives: ComEyeCascade30Beauty Motives: ComEyeTrail on ColorFoil
31Beauty Motives: ComEyeTrail SculptureJade32Beauty Motives: Wall of FacialAttractorPatterns
33Beauty Motives: ThreeFullFruit34Beauty Motives: ThreeFulLips at SunBurst
35Beauty Motives: FAP Trailer8 Anim ToFro236Beauty Motives: Third Eye Profile
37Beauty Motives: Natural Motives of Beauty Faces38Beauty Motives: Wall of Pink Butterflies
39Beauty Motives: ComeEyeC2 SpiralBlur40Beauty Motives: AbArt Devil
41Beauty Motives: Sea of Faces42Beauty Motives: Fazel: Awareness in a Split Second
43Beauty Motives: Cat Attractor44Beauty Motives: ComeEyeC2 FlowerBed
45Beauty Motives: ComEyeC3 MotionTrail46ComPoetry: FeatherGate before Paradise
47ComPoetry: Trillion Poem48ComPoetry: Trillion Poem Animation
49ComPoetry: Kunst Love50ComPoetry: Natural CyberPunkers
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No.Category: GraphicNo.Category: Graphic
51ComPoetry: Natural Flames of Eternity52ComPoetry: Crying Butterflies Buttonized
53ComPoetry: If Dolphins could speak54ComPoetry: a LOVENIC for You
55ComPoetry: Weeping Earth56ComPoetry: Musing Mind
57ComPoetry: Progressive Creativity58ComPoetry: Facial Poem abstracted on the Beach
59ComPoetry: TransCult World Consciousness60ComPoetry: Trance Cultural Motivator
61BallBearings: CatAttractor Maze in a Ball62BallBearings: Mysterious ThirdEye Ball
63BallBearings: AbartTwirl 2 Circle64BallBearings: Satanic Verses LetterBall
65BallBearings: Sea of Faces on Moire66BallBearings: Sea of Faces on Wood
67BallBearings: Facial Attractor Patterns68BallBearings: Fractal Faces Bubbled
69BallBearings: GAPs, MAPs & FAPs70BallBearings: LifeVectors on Moire
71BallBearings: MetaRealistic LovePatterns72BallBearings: CatAttractor Maze in a Bubble
73Fractal Faces: XTC Cat74Fractal Faces: XTC Face
75Fractal Faces: DoubleDragon 276Fractal Faces: DoubleDragon 2
77Fractal Faces: Fractalling Faces78MetaRealism: CyclObs
79MetaRealism: Dolfins Facing Nature80MetaRealism: MetaRealistic Art
81MetaRealism: Five Questions82MetaRealism: Random Reality Generator Grounded
83MetaRealism: Spiralling ThoughtWaves84MetaRealism: You Tell Me
85MetaRealism: ThoughtFusion Anim86MetaRealism: TV2 Frames
87MetaRealism: ReMolecule3 Vector Original88MetaRealism: Sculpture of Calf in Deep Metal
89MetaRealism: MetaMosaic STHOPD large Anim90MetaRealism: WhyFace Framed
91MetaRealism: Visual Thought Path92MetaRealism: Guess what fills the mosaic eye cubes?
93MetaRealism: Hope Pope saving the skin of Gaia?94MetaRealism: Why Meta?
95MetaRealism: Experiment One Buttonized96MetaRealism: Irrillium or Quantum Delirium
97MetaRealism: Reversed Future98MetaRealism: STHOPD Logo on Wood
99MetaRealism: Scattered Love100MetaRealism: Do not walk over me
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No.Category: GraphicNo.Category: Graphic
101MetaRealism: Escape Harsh Reality (small)102MetaRealism: Sexperiment
103MetaRealism: Evolution of Intelligent Existence Corona104MetaRealism: Cultural Disguise
105MetaRealism: Neuro Art Conditioning106MetaRealism: Gay MovieMakers
107MetaRealism: MetaMosaic STHOPD Draw108Mixed Pixels: Sun Splash
109Mixed Pixels: Wild Butterflies Crystallized110Mixed Pixels: Turbulent Color Star
111Mixed Pixels: Experiment 1 on Leather112Mixed Pixels: Explosion of Lips
113Mixed Pixels: Thalamic Dolphins114Mixed Pixels: STHOPD Logo 12f Pencil
115Mixed Pixels: Experiment One Flaming116Mixed Pixels: Black Magic
117Mixed Pixels: Fantasy Interactive Gene-Mnemes Machine118Mixed Pixels: Sleeping Beauty Penciled
119Mixed Pixels: FaceInFaceInFace Marbled120Mixed Pixels: Fine Leathered Calf
121Mixed Pixels: Bimok Logo penciled122Mixed Pixels: ComEyeC3 MetalMotionMerged
123Mixed Pixels: Cats Facing Clouds 2 Framed124Mixed Pixels: ReMolecule3 Vector Walled
125Mixed Pixels: ComEyeCascade Wrinkle126Mixed Pixels: Wave Flying Eye
127Mixed Pixels: Waves 2 Eyes in Plastic128Mixed Pixels: WhyFaced2
129Mixed Pixels: ComEyeTrail2 Tiles on Mahogany130Mixed Pixels: Color3Star SlatSpin
131Mixed Pixels: Compose6 FacialAwarenessPatterns132Mixed Pixels: FlyingDolphins Anim
133Mixed Pixels: Venus 2 Tutanchamon134Psychedelic Realms: ComEyeCascade in Soft PlasticWrinkles
135Psychedelic Realms: FireAngelo Framed136Psychedelic Realms: XTC 2 in Flowers
137Psychedelic Realms: PsychoMan Hyperthreaded Similarity Inversion138Psychedelic Realms: Psychedelic Saccadic GenoCreation
139Psychedelic Realms: ColorStar3 Curlicues3140Psychedelic Realms: Emerging Faces of Angels or Elves?
141Psychedelic Realms: Bimok logo Impasto142Psychedelic Realms: Flooded Arc of Lip Faces
143Psychedelic Realms: Smooth Sculpture of Green Calf144Psychedelic Realms: Future Human or Red Head Alien?
145Psychedelic Realms: Demonic Faces shining through the bathroom wall146Psychedelic Realms: Gene Mnemes Wet Dream Psyched Out
147Psychedelic Realms: HopePope please save nature148Psychedelic Realms: Guess what darkness fills the mosaic eye cubes?
149Psychedelic Realms: Derailed Saccadic Attractor Patterns150Psychedelic Realms: Escape Harsh Reality (large)
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No.Category: GraphicNo.Category: Graphic
151Psychedelic Realms: Dissociated Cult152Psychedelic Realms: Explosion of Ideas Corona
153Psychedelic Realms: Transparent Wall of Butterflies154Psychedelic Realms: Theta Dream Waves Framed
155Psychedelic Realms: STHOPD Logo Bright156Psychedelic Realms: ComeEyeC3 MetalMotion in Difference
157Psychedelic Realms: WisArt Explosion158Psychedelic Realms: ReMolecule3 on Bark
159Psychedelic Realms: Lady Irrillium160Psychedelic Realms: a Leaf of Black Magic
161Psychedelic Realms: Lizy D Wind162Psychedelic Realms: Lizy D
163Psychedelic Realms: Lizy D Transparent 164Please Save Nature: Color Nature
165Please Save Nature: Please Save Nature R3166Please Save Nature: Please Save Nature R1
167Please Save Nature: Giraffin City168Please Save Nature: Shore Fractal
169Please Save Nature: Killing Africa Wrongfully170Please Save Nature: GorillaWise
171Please Save Nature: a Nose for Natures Future172Please Save Nature: Some of the Threats to Life
173Please Save Nature: HOPEthical Solutions174Please Save Nature: HOP Threats and Solutions
175Please Save Nature: Empty 2 ?176Please Save Nature: Create a Safe Future
177Please Save Nature: Create a Safe Summer178Please Save Nature: Human Water Pollution
179Please Save Nature: And the Mad Biologist says180Please Save Nature: STHOPD Logo 12f G_DS_IB_VPg
181Please Save Nature: Stop Human OverPopulation Disasters that destroy Nature182Please Save Nature: Root Nature into the Future
183Please Save Nature: Acid Frog184Please Save Nature: Wild predator glaring through the bush
185Please Save Nature: Chimp IQ186Please Save Nature: DwindlingFlowerReality on Wall 2
187Please Save Nature: Salamanders188Please Save Nature: Summer within My Heart
189Acronyms: Wisart Explosion190Acronyms: Stop building Human OverPopulation Disasters
191Acronyms: Stop preaching Human OverPopulation Disasters192Acronyms: Stop artificial Human OverPopulation Disasters
193Acronyms: STHOPD Logo 12f G_DS_IB_FL194Acronyms: Random Reality Generator Flowered
195Acronyms: Regulate Ethically Human OverPopulation Ecology196Acronyms: RE-HOPE steps
197Acronyms: STOP Human Disasters198Acronyms: Wise Art Anim
199Acronyms: WisArt Burn200Acronyms: Burning STHOPD
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No.Category: GraphicNo.Category: Graphic
201Acronyms: Mental Virus Communication202Acronyms: RGES 1 Transparent
203Acronyms: RGES 3204Acronyms: Centre for Progressive Evolution of Reality
205Acronyms: a Leaf of CPER206FiD-hunting: Three Global Rules
207FiD-hunting: Future Unavoidable War?208FiD-hunting: Commercial Death Trap
209FiD-hunting: Future Artificial Flowers210FiD-hunting: Forestless Deserts
211FiD-hunting: TruthJournalism212FiD-hunting: Balance between Economics and Ecology
213FED Teleology: Cybernetic Survival & Reproduction Strategy214FED Teleology: Flowering Intelligent Evolution
215FED Teleology: EuGenetic Seed216FED Teleology: Evolutional Tree of Reality
217FED Teleology: Progressive Evolution of Time218FED Teleology: Noogenetic Cultivation
219FED Teleology: NEv CRev220FED Teleology: Artificial Beings
221FED Teleology: Computer Intelligence222FED Teleology: Contraceptive Penial Orgasm Pre
223FED Teleology: Contraceptive Penial Orgasm Post224FED Teleology: Contraceptive Penial Orgasm Anim
225FED Teleology: AI_NeuralNets_BP226FED Teleology: EternalLifeCycle of Evolution
227FED Teleology: MentalSurvivalPatterns GeneticDiversity228FED Teleology: Love Future Evolutional Design
229Mental Virus Cybernetics: Mental Virus Where230Mental Virus Cybernetics: Sex TouchYourSelf
231Mental Virus Cybernetics: VirusWurm232Mental Virus Cybernetics: Mental Virus Cybernetics 1
233Mental Virus Cybernetics: Mental Virus Cybernetics 2234Mental Virus Cybernetics: Mental Virus Concept
235Mental Virus Cybernetics: Mental Virus Cybernetics 3236Mental Virus Cybernetics: HOPE Virus
237Mental Virus Cybernetics: Mental Virus or Godly Glow238Mental Virus Cybernetics: Whirling Godly Glow
239Mental Virus Cybernetics: VirusWurm Forcing Divorce240Mental Virus Cybernetics: Mental VirusWurm
241Mental Virus Cybernetics: Logo of http://www.sthopd.org242ReliSpirit: What God are we striving for?
243ReliSpirit: Rainbow of Love, Unity and Wisdom244ReliSpirit: Immanent God
245ReliSpirit: BabyGod246ReliSpirit: Devilish Delight
247ReliSpirit: Future Fulfilment248ReliSpirit: Living ThoughtWeb
249ReliSpirit: Love the Future250ReliSpirit: Satanic Verses
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No.Category: GraphicNo.Category: Graphic
251ReliSpirit: GodFace252ReliSpirit: Sei Stille
253Logos: Three Fingers Overt Signal of STHOPD Team254Logos: Three Fingers Covert Signal of STHOPD Team
255Logos: CPER Logo in FlowerBorder256Logos: Bimok logo zoom in radial blur
257Logos: Bimok Logo258BioMental Cybernetics: Trillions of Mind Seeds
259BioMental Cybernetics: GoalKeeper260Fotos RGES: Wintry Brooklet
261Fotos RGES: Enchanting Toadstools262Fotos RGES: Roe in German cornfield
263Fotos RGES: Bambi hit by harvester264Fotos RGES: Young bird freed out of fire stove chimney
265Fotos RGES: Brooklet in Italy266Fotos RGES: Face in a Chestnut Wood
267Fotos RGES: Hill of Coral268Fotos RGES: Sea crab under shallow water
269Fotos RGES: Dragonfly near Dandelion270Fotos RGES: Silver fish in Croatia
271Fotos RGES: Frost on trees and lake272Fotos RGES: White Horses drinking from lake
273Fotos RGES: Orange Hibiscus Flower274Fotos RGES: Violet Facing You
275Fotos RGES: Märchenhafte Pilze276Fotos RGES: Plant on Austrian Alp
277Fotos RGES: Purple Datura Flower278Fotos RGES: Sandy River Shore
279Fotos RGES: Snowdrops in Spring280Fotos RGES: Two cows on an Austrian Alp
281Fotos RGES: Flowering Moss282Pets/General: Little chicken pecking nose of sleepy big black dog
283Pets/General: Cat lying on sleeping Cat284Pets/General: Baby monkey hugging a white dove
285Pets/General: Rabbit and Cat286Pets/General: Little dog and Parrot
287Pets/General: Cat sleeping next to puppy dog288Pets/General: Dog sleeping with Racoon
289Pets/General: Cat sleeping with 2 Hedgehogs290Pets/General: Mother deer with young
291Pets/General: Hen breeding on Kittens292Pets/General: Two white Rabbits lying across
293Pets/General: Kitten and Cavia294Pets/General: Two little pigs swimming
295Pets/General: Donkey licked by dog296Pets/General: Kitten sleeping in furr of dog
297Pets/General: Dolphin nose to nose with dog298Pets/Recovery: Doctor examines dog all the way through
299Pets/Agony: Lonely dog on wrecked sofa300Pets/Agony: eCard: Stop the bloody Calderon Dolphin Slaughter in the Faroe Islands
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No.Category: GraphicNo.Category: Graphic
301Pets/Funny: Deeply begging man, dog and dramatic cat302S.T.H.O.P.D.
Political & Artistic Greeting cards. Please Save Nature.
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