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Title of selected slogan:Please prevent that e-waste poisons nature106
Content of slogan editorial:The last 20 years a new type of waste - electronic waste - has emerged as a byproduct of the high tech boom. Now e-waste represents the biggest and fastest growing manufacturing waste in the world. This large heap of e-waste may exist of, for example: televisions, video recorders, audio devices, mp3-players, computers, printers, LCD-screens, mobile phones, navigation systems, circuit boards, transistors and chips. This electronic garbage may contain poisonous flame retardant resin, or heavy metals such as mercury, lead and cadmium. Nowadays, e-waste already includes 5% of the daily urban detritus worldwide. Yearly, more than 30 million tons are produced and dumped somewhere on this planet.
Many prosperous country ships their obsolete products to Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa for recycling purposes. But instead of being “green” we are exporting a sack full of problems to people who have to choose between poverty or poison. Also, nature will get polluted by toxic and are non-biodegradable material. Flora and fauna of land and sea will accumulate heavy metals and other toxic waste.

Is this the future we want?
If you are not concerned about the wellbeing of spoilt, over cultivated people in modern countries, at least save nature from chemical suffocation, please.

© STHOPD 2008
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Show: Precious Animals Pets and other friends of mankind. Pet Poetry. Animal Distress. Pet Health.
Show: STHOPD & Nature Stop Terrible Human OverPopulation Disasters. Please Save Nature.
Show: FiD-hunting Spotting Flaws in Democracy by hunter Fid Def (Fidei Defensor = Defender of Faith).
Show: FED Teleology Future Evolutional Design, Development, Directives or Destiny; Gene Technology.
Show: Quotations Quotes of famous people. Political or philosophical citations. Proverbs about life.
Show: ReliSpirit Revealing the fallacies of Religious and Spiritual beliefs, and other Reality Escapism.
Show: Work Worries Work related issues; MisManagement; Economy, Commerce, Technology.
Show: Environmental Activism Environmental Activism for Nature; Globalisation, Anti-globalization.
Show: Education & Health Psycho- & Social Cybernetics; Science; Medical Malpractice.
Show: Culture Clash Cultural madness; No socially desirable twaddle; Harsh Reality Approach.
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Survey of all available English Slogans (choose one above)
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13Unknown: An opinion is like an asshole. Everyone's got one.14Most search engines do not take into account volatile information versus historical wisdom
15Humanitarian: Save the World, so Save Nature16The Ten Commandments for Nature Photographers
17Beware of the Castrator!18Wild animals take revenge on devastating humans in Indonesia
19Atheists Bus Campaign: there is no God. The only God is the one we create.20Charles Darwin's 200th Birthday Februari 12, 2009
21IUCN says: quarter of mammals threatened with extinction22Heaven or Hell
23Embryo selection, in-vitro fertilization and "der Übermensch"24Jezus gave his life, so STHOPD
25Please prevent that e-waste poisons nature26Rapid human population increase causes loss of valuable Biodiversity
27Human overpopulation causes hunger and death28Human population growth causes drastical climatic changes over the whole world
29Do not allow Cosmetic Interventions before people have got children30Introvert Nerds fight back, so don't let yourself get cornered by loudmouths and brawlers
31Improve the world, start with yourself32Galapagos Islands: The origin of Darwin's evolutionary species theory is being soiled by luxurious cruise ships
33Reality Buddha: Human overpopulation pervades everything that exists34Root Nature into the Future
35Tongue Poetry36Is this the the world as it ought to be?
37Do not let society bleed for the sexually reckless lifestyle of indifferent or stupid people38Control freaks are exterminating birds worldwide due to fear of Avian Influenza (H5N1)
39Warning: Suicidal REHOPE Terrorists40We create God
41We are nothing more than Thinking Animals42Unknown: Masturbation is not a Crime!
43Sabbotage44Ludwig Feuerbach: God did not create Man ...
45The Treaty (by referendum) establishing a Constitution for Europe will cause the Destruction of Nature46Pope Benedict XVI preaches Human OverPopulation Explosion
47Journalists can make or break democracy48Human OverPopulation Causes ...
49Where can cats or dogs play freely?50Devilish Delight
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51Love the Future, Fix the Future52The World would be a nicer place, if there weren't so many people
53Influenza Virus propagates via human overpopulation, as does the Swine Flu54Richard Leakey: The Sixth Mass Extinction
55Louis Pasteur: Serendipity?56Irresponsible people should pay for their own health-wrecking habits
57Pro Abortion58Death is absolute, so we create God
59Cloning Catastrophe60Immanent God
61a LOVENIC for you ...62E.O. Wilson: Loss of genetic and species diversity
63Future Unavoidable War?64Richard Nixon: Overpopulation will choke those cities
65Desertification66Commercial Death Trap
67RE-HOPE68Jacques Cousteau: Environmental Damage
69Gene Technology & Genetic Manipulation70Martin Luther King: Universal Consciousness of Overpopulation?
71James Madison: Surplus of Human Life?72Bertrand Russell: Credulous Animal
73Bertrand Russell: Belief of Majority74Georg Wilhelm F. Hegel: Learning from History?
75George Bernard Shaw: Existing people76Benjamin Lee Whorf: We cut up Nature
77Henry David Thoreau: Wild Nature78Frank Herbert: Freedom diminishes as human numbers increase
79The Humanimal has no CyberGenetic Feedback loop to inhibit over-reproduction80Human Social Parasites thrive while Nature dies
81The noble art of Individual Responsibility82Why does The Netherlands attract many emigrants from Third World countries?
83Death Sentence must be reinstated for incorrigible, malicious criminals84Fathers should be allowed to test the DNA-origin of their alleged children
85Dutch Demagogy as example of Flaws in Democracy86Governments, Capatalists, Churches and Entertainment Media all preach Human OverPopulation
87Amsterdam has one of the largest concentrations of sneaky Social Parasites88Severe Human Genetic Aberrations should not be passed on to the Future
89RE-HOPE Farming90Parents should teach their rude children respect for other persons
91Human OverPopulation is the largest destructive force on earth92A random selection of one of many politically incorrect themes
Political & Artistic Greeting cards. Please Save Nature.
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